CU Later?


It’s funny how life works out. One minute, you’re in school doing what you’re “passionate” about…really, just where the money is and how you can get to it with the crisp piece of paper provided by your future Alma Mater. Probably whatever the parentals are doing (i.e. financial advisor, nursing) is what you're "passionate" about. Before you know it, you’re graduated, experiencing major anxiety, pondering what’s next, all while binge eating potato chips on your American Furniture and watching Bobs Burgers on repeat (I seriously wish I was Tina).

I keep hearing the beauty of it all is the ambiguity, the "unknown". Let’s be honest. It’s freaking horrific! Every day I wake up wondering what am I doing, what do I want to be doing, and where the heck do I start? It’s a reoccurring cycle: wake up, head to my job, go home, attempt to figure it out, dream about my dreams, wake up. A mundane cycle that I know I don’t want for myself. I can’t let this be my final act, my encore.

I’ve always admired the Black women who DO "it", who make their dreams realities. The Oprah’s, the Issa’s, the Quinta’s. I admire their passion, their ambition, their resilience, their will. As I sit and write this, I’m thinking, the only way to get it is to go get it, right?

Entertainment, creativity, art, the freedom to live in the right, is what I yearn for. Every day I seek ways to engage through medias that are constantly changing. What does it look like to vibe out on a balcony, read a paper, enjoy modern day Basquiat’s, laugh with friends, sip some mint tea or perhaps the newest ginger beers while bumping Damn, all at the same time, at different times? It looks like digital entertainment, the ability and apt to log in, look up, and loop in: the power to be up to speed with the freshest art, the coolest cosas, the poppin' news.

I promise myself that I will find a way to be apart of this movement.

This is my dream, so it’s worth a shot to go get it, right?