Cheers to Change, 2018.

I’ve replayed this over and over in my head: 2017 was a hard year. I fell out of relationships, graduated without a true sense of direction, parted ways with my job...and I was depressed. But, I found a sense of peace in creating. And, coming in to 2018, I want to continue my means of self care on this journey called life by sharing my art with the world.

Creativity is a terrible thing to waste, and so to hold myself accountable, I plan to post a project once a month in the hopes that my vulnerabilities encourage the next person to continue to embrace change, even when it’s super uncomfortable. I have no idea what’s in store for me, but this year is the year of taking chances, and I know for myself I want to turn my ideas into experiences, having the courage & being okay with failure or success because I tried. 

So to the ones that didn’t give up on me like I did on myself, thank you. Cheers to 2018. I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts as much as I enjoyed making them with the homies! 🌹